For Books that you Treasure

If you have a book that is special to you and is in need of a new binding, you should consider whether you want it to be hand bound or not.


  • ​​Bibles or prayer books
  • your thesis
  • your favorite cookbook
  • a unique gift
  • periodicals, bulletins
  • town or business records
  • art books
  • out-of-print or limited edition volumes
  • create a legacy


​Your cover can be made in your choice of color, with a buckram cloth or leatherette.



I do all hand work, including bench sewing, so your book opens flat.


I will letter your book in 23 karat gold leaf.



Basic factors used to determine price:


  • Condition of the book
  • Size of the book (both thickness and page-size matter)
  • Lettering requirement
  • Choice of cloth

I'll give you the exact price when I see your book.



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